Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Another blog?

So what's this all about?

Well, with my other two blogs, I had a very clear idea about what I was trying to achieve. With ThinkTank365, I had an audience in mind: my students. The idea of that blog is to present current affairs on Built Environment topics, in a more up to date and dynamic way that a textbook can. So, it was a complimentary resource for my students. Some discussion has taken place on that blog, but mostly it has been about me finding interesting and relevant news, commenting on it myself, and sharing a link to original articles.

With AppSalute, the target audience was the general public, but partly my motivation was to address queries that my friends and colleagues were plaguing me with: "What apps do you use, Wayne, and are they any good?" I thought that it would be a good idea to collect little reviews that I had written for apps that I find useful, and then I could just let my friends know about the blog. It worked well, but the impetus has gone out of it for now. I haven't given up on it, but other priorities have taken over.

So, here's another blog.

The motivation, audience and intended outcomes are very different with this one.

I'm creating "Someone's Learning" (sidenote: the name comes from a very good blues/rock album from one of my favourite bands, have a guess....) as part of my further studies in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning. I am studying for an MEd with the Open University, and one of the suggested technologies for us to try out is blogging. I've done blogging before, but this time is different. My motivation is that it is part of professional development for myself, rather than for any altruistic reasons. To that end, the audience for this is a bit of a great unknown. I think, at this early stage, that it will be more of a space for personal reflection than anything else, and so there may be no audience at all apart from myself. I have no intention of promoting the blog to others like I did with my other two blogs.

The intention is that I will post my own reflections, links to interesting blogs and articles, and allow discussion and comments from anyone that is interested in engaging with me. The end result (if there is such a thing as an end result in learning) is that the blog will primarily be of interest to me, but that there may be posts and links that other will find useful too.

So, there you go. Anything could happen, but I'm sure someone's learning from it.

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  1. Hi Wayne ... Nice work ! Looking forward to having a quick squidgy at your other two blogs also ! Kind regards debs :)